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Fly Fishing Paradise

What more can be said about the heralded and historic limestone streams of the Cumberland valley that hasn't already been written by the legends that these streams created.

The trout streams flowing through Pennsylvania's Cumberland Valley are legendary.

Limestone spring creeks are frequently featured in angling literature because great anglers like Ed Shenk, Ed Koch, and the late Charlie Fox and Vince Marinaro developed fly patterns and fishing techniques on them that changed fly fishing forever.

Yellow Breeches Creek

A mile-long stretch of stream, from the Boiling springs Lake downstream to the Allenberry Playhouse , is managed as a catch-and-release area.  Only the use of flies or artificial lures is permitted.  Fishing is open here year round and this is where most people fish in the middle to late season.  Fishing remains good here in the summer and fall because the regulations prevent the harvest of fish and cold spring water from Childrens Lake moderates summer water temperatures.

The Fishing Commission stocks trout prior to opening day and three times in-season, with the last stocking mid-May.  The Yellow Breeches Anglers Club, a local sportsmen's group, stocks approximately 38,000 trout form their cooperative hatchery throughout the year, including some big trout over 18 inches.

The Yellow Breeches Creek in the last century (and presumably always) has been noted for its water quality and aquatic life. The fish are only part of the system of fauna that includes 150 kinds of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Numerous favorable factors in addition to the fauna contributed to the Yellow Breeches Creek being designated in 1993 as part of Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers System. The reach of 5 ½ miles from Spanglers Mill to the Susquehanna River is classified as “recreational area” and the upstream portion is classified as “pastoral” meaning that the views from the banks are primarily farm land.

Yellow Breeches Creek Stream Levels


Letort Spring Run

The LeTort Spring Run is one of the finest limestone trout streams in the nation.  So much fly fishing history has taken place here, and so much fame and mystique have accumulated about the stream, that the first time-visitor may be somewhat disillusioned when they see the Letort.  Although the Letort is one of the best known streams in Pennsylvania, it is rarely crowded.  Because the fishing is difficult, many people stop and fish a bit, more to see the stream than to really try for its wary trout, then travel on to fish for the easier trout of the Yellow Breeches Creek.

Letort Spring Run Stream Levels

State wide Stream Levels:

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Custom Rods:

W.R. Taylor Rod company is a small, family-owned business located in Boiling Springs Pennsylvania. We specialize in hand crafted split cane fly rods for the freshwater angler. Our rods employ both time-tested tapers handed down from some of the 19th and 20th century  masters of the art, and some of our own innovations. While we take enormous pride in the cosmetics of our rods, they are, first and foremost, superb casting tools that are made for fishing. Taylor rods have proven themselves on the demanding spring creeks of the Cumberland Valley, and will meet the challenges of great trout rivers everywhere.